5 Uses for Fresh Basil

5 Uses for Fresh Basil
One of the most delicious and versatile herbs you can use for appetizers, dinners and even drinks is basil – granted you know how to use it! Here are five different and delicious uses for fresh basil.

Make Pesto

Make a simple pesto with fresh basil, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil and salt and pepper to use on pasta dishes, potatoes, sandwiches or salads.

Top Pizza

Place fresh basil leaves on a homemade Margherita pizza or opt for a simple tomato and basil pizza sauce as the base with fresh vegetables on top. Pizza and basil options are endless.

Blend it into Sauces

Tomato and basil are a classic pairing, which is why adding some fresh basil to tomato-based pasta sauces is one of the most common uses. You can also make classic basil sauces with fresh lemon and garlic easily in a food processor or blender.

Use it as a Garnish

Garnish dishes with full basil leaves or finely chop to add subtle flavor throughout soups, salads and even desserts. Top watermelon with basil and mint for a yummy, unexpected twist.


Use fresh basil in cocktails or mocktails for a fun evening! Create a strawberry, lemon and basil drink or even a mojito! Muddle the basil or use it as a topping.

At Whole Harvest, we believe in making healthy eating easier for everyone. Having fresh herbs on hand like basil can easily elevate a meal.
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