Review: Forbidden Bali & Cinnamon Blueberry Parfait

Review:  Forbidden Bali & Cinnamon Blueberry Parfait

Whole Harvest continues to make eating fun by introducing new ingredients. 


The Forbidden Bali

I tasted the rice and detected a nutty essence. I did not know what was “forbidden” about this meal until I looked at the ingredient list. 

forbidden bali whole harvest

The first ingredient was forbidden rice. What is that? 

Research indicates that forbidden rice is another name for black rice or “emperor’s rice.” In ancient Chinese culture, forbidden rice was reserved for the emperor to promote his health and longevity due to this grain’s unique antioxidant qualities. Well now I feel like a king.

Another ingredient, chickpeas, is one of my two favorite legumes. The chickpeas in the Forbidden Bali are sweetly marinated. I wouldn’t have minded having a few more of them!

I love the chunks of sweet potatoes and the crispy red peppers in every bite. 

The compostable bowl leaves just enough room to add some greens, which were also provided. 

I added just a little bit of the vinaigrette dressing, reattached the lid, and shook it all up.


Cinnamon Blueberry Parfait

Next I had the Cinnamon Blueberry Parfait for dessert (it’s technically a breakfast item but I like to live on the edge).

They did not skimp on the blueberries while keeping the steel cut oats in moderation. This made the offering seem more like dessert than a breakfast item. They added a few dates, one of nature’s most concentrated sweeteners, to make it even better.

cinnamon blueberry parfait whole harvest

Who would have thought that toasted pepita seeds would be good in a parfait?! They are perfect, adding a bit of a nutty overtone and a slight crunch. 

The serving size of this meal was neither too big nor too small. I did not feel cheated, but I also did not feel like I overindulged. 

I know that this entree and dessert are healthy and balanced, they tasted great, and this meal did not leave me wanting more. I am impressed!

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