Review: Rocky Mountain Green Chile & Mango Smoothie

rocky mountain green chile and mango smoothie whole harvest

Rocky Mountain Green Chile

I looked forward to the Rocky Mountain Green Chile for a wintertime dinner. I was not disappointed

The meal was not particularly impressive to look at, but the flavor was spot on. I poured the chile into a glass dish for the microwave. 

The containers are microwavable but not the lids!

I found this soup to be appropriately spicy. There were green chiles in every bite, but they were cut small enough so that I could still taste the beans, sweet potatoes, and zucchinis.

I love spicy stuff, but my body does not. This dish had just the right amount of kick without the consequences.

I personally prefer thicker soup, but most people are not like this. Honestly, I think the base would be considered the perfect thickness for most people. 

This base had a very authentic Mexican flavor, perhaps because of the native Mexican tomatillos. I had never heard of them before eating this. What a good find by Chef Richard! 

The Mexican Side Salad was the perfect complement.


Mango Berry Smoothie

After eating the soup, my mouth was still a little bit hot. Finishing this meal off with the Mango Berry Smoothie was the perfect counterbalance.

I blended the entire bowl of fruit with one cup of unsweetened soy milk and a handful of greens. It was the perfect thickness. It wasn’t too sweet. Only a few dates were needed because they are nature’s candy. I also liked that it was a little bit “seedy” from the blackberries. It gave it more substance, making me feel like I was eating dessert instead of drinking a smoothie. 

I felt very energized after eating all of this, even though I was quite full. 

I went out in the cold and took an evening walk. A couple of hours later I was still full!

I look forward to eating this again. I hope to have it at least a couple of times before this spring. Good soup warms the soul on cold days. 
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