Review: Za'Atar Chickpea Salad & Mango Madness Granola

Review: Za'Atar Chickpea Salad & Mango Madness Granola

Za'Atar Chickpea Salad

Opening the compostable container for the Za’Atar Chickpea salad released a mild garlicky smell with other spices, but it was not overpowering. Chickpeas are my favorite legume, so I sampled one separately.

I love the taste of unseasoned chickpeas. Chef Richard seasons them just enough to enhance, but not cover up, the natural flavor. 

I also sampled a cucumber, which was lightly seasoned with parsley and mint. I could eat a bowl of these cucumbers by themselves. 

The flavor reminded me of the cucumbers that my grandma prepared for our dinners when I was a small child. These are good memories.

The meal is basically a combination of veggies and legumes over a cold bed of quinoa (I love cold quinoa) with sweet cherry tomatoes in every bite. 

This salad is sweet and tangy with a distinct Middle Eastern essence. 

Whole Harvest masterfully seasons the Za’Atar Chickpea Salad without covering up the natural flavors of Mother Earth’s hearty goodness. 

If you want to train your palate to embrace the flavor of healthy whole plant food, I recommend the Za’Atar Chickpea Salad. 


Mango Madness Granola

mango madness granola whole harvest

I am always ready to chase a hearty meal with something sweet. The Mango Madness Granola allowed me to do that in a healthful way.

I began by tasting the granola. It reminded me of the Heartland granola cereal that I ate when I was a boy, a product that has not been on the market for decades. Wow, it has been a long time since I had that old-fashioned cinnamon granola experience!

Then, I sampled the dried mango. These were large, thin slivers that were slightly crisp and chewy. While the granola and mangos are quite tasty eaten dry, I thought the flavors were enhanced when submersed in a plant-based milk. 

This would make a great breakfast as well. 

If your taste buds are accustomed to a little more sweetness, you could add a tablespoon of maple syrup, agave nectar, or use a sweetened plant-based milk. I thought it was perfect as it was. I would also take a portion of this to work to keep me from eating processed sweets, my addiction of choice! 

I felt sufficiently satiated after this meal without feeling like I needed to take a nap. 

I appreciate meals that fill you up and energize you at the same time. I would definitely eat this combo again!

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