Our Menu: Here's What to Expect

Our Menu: Here's What to Expect

Whole Harvest has launched a brand new menu of mindfully-crafted meals, snacks, and smoothies that will Blow. Your. Mind.

What makes this menu different?

Our mission is to provide plant-based, nutrient-packed meals that empower people with their plate.

While the mission remains the same, we’ve revamped the menu to do it even better. 

We’ve added purpose and greens to every meal!

greens whole harvest menu



Eating greens every day is a vital part of living your best life. So we made it easy!

In each box from Whole Harvest you will receive a container of Organic Girl greens. You simply toss a handful of greens onto a meal, eat them on the side with dressing or blend them into our smoothies.

It’s a simple way to ensure you get your daily dose of greens—as much or as little as you like!

[Apricot Wild Rice Bowl with added greens]



Our lineup includes a smorgasbord of delicious entrees such as our delectable Roasted Carrot Red Curry paired with a Sesame Cucumber Salad.

carrot soup and salad whole harvest



These nutrient-dense entrees are packed with just the right amount of protein, fiber, and other essential vitamins and minerals to keep you energized and inspired. 

Each item is specially designed to help you meet your health goals from healthy skin and hair to building muscle or losing weight.

When you are ready to dive into these tasty creations, simply pull off the top, heat if desired, drop in a handful of Organic Girl greens, add our house-made oil-free salad dressing, and enjoy. 

It’s so much more than a salad. It’s a perfect blend of real ingredients that give you exactly what you need to stay healthy and feel amazing. 

crisp kale bowl whole harvest menu

[Crisp Kale Bowl, pairs well with our oil-free vinaigrette]



You heard correctly. The next thing we did was add a line of chef-created dressings and sauces to be used any way you want!

Each custom sauce is oil-free, low sodium, and has NO added sugar.

Do you like hot sauce? We have a healthy version to add some kick to every meal.

Traditional vinaigrette? Got it. 

Each week your box will include a bottle of Whole Harvest dressing to use as you like. If you love dressings, you can add on different flavors each week!

housemade sriracha sauce whole harvest

[Forbidden Bali with Harvest Sriracha]



Each week will bring a different lineup of unique creations from Chef Richard. The box will include 5 entrees for lunch or dinner, 2 breakfast items to help start your day off right, 2 snacks to keep you energized and focused while you're on the move, 1 container of organic greens, and a bottle of dressing. 


whole harvest box



We are the first and only meal delivery company that provides fresh plant-based meals that are totally gluten-free and oil-free, with no added sugars and reduced sodium!

Whole Harvest covers all the bases so you can rest assured when you eat with us, you are eating the best. 

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