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I have reviewed another Whole Harvest Box. Let’s get into it!

Day 1 Breakfast: Cinnamon Apple Granola

cinnamon apple granola whole harvest

[Cinnamon Apple Granola]

The Cinnamon Apple Granola provides a hearty combination of oats, cinnamon granola, and plump raisins, with just enough sliced apples and crunchy pepitas. 

This is easily two servings, but I was so hungry that I just ate it all. 

As a dry snack, I think I prefer some of the other granola offerings, but it is so good when immersed in my unsweetened soy milk. This is such a filling start to the day. Don’t worry about carbs for breakfast. 

Carbs provide energy, and we need plenty of that in the morning. Quite simply, this is a delicious, sugar-free, high-fiber breakfast. 

Only 3% of Americans consume enough fiber. Chef Richard’s whole grain granola offerings are a delicious way to start your day with an abundance of fiber.

Day 1 Dinner: Forbidden Bali

forbidden bali whole harvest

[Forbidden Bali]

Whole Harvest continues to make eating fun by introducing me to new ingredients. 

I tasted the rice and detected a nutty essence. I did not know what was “forbidden” about this meal until I looked at the ingredient list. 

The first ingredient was forbidden rice. What is that? 

Research indicates that forbidden rice is another name for black rice or “emperor’s rice.” In ancient Chinese culture, forbidden rice was reserved for the emperor to promote his health and longevity due to this grain’s unique antioxidant qualities. Well, now I feel like a king!

Another ingredient, chickpeas, is one of my two favorite legumes. The chickpeas in the Forbidden Bali are sweetly marinated. I wouldn’t have minded having a few more of them!

I love the hunks of sweet potatoes and the crispy red peppers in every bite. 

The compostable bowl leaves just enough room to add some greens, which were also provided. 

I added just a little bit of the vinaigrette dressing, reattached the lid, and shook it all up. 

This meal had the perfect palate trifecta of sweet, earthy, and bitter flavors, along with the holy trinity of textures with the crispy peppers, mushy sweet potatoes, and perfectly-cooked forbidden rice.

Day 1 Dessert: Toasted Coconut Cardamom Harvest Bites

Toasted Coconut Cardamom Harvest Bites whole harvest

[Toasted Coconut Cardamom Harvest Bites]

The first bite of the Toasted Coconut Cardamom Harvest Bites revealed a delightful, yet unfamiliar flavor.

So, what is cardamom? I did a little bit of research. 

Cardamom is a spice made from seeds from various plants native of Indonesia. The article I read says that cardamom tastes like eucalyptus, mint, and pepper. 

I love the scent of eucalyptus and both the scent and flavor of mint. It’s no wonder that I loved this so much! 

I had never previously tasted eucalyptus or anything that resembles it. Because our senses of taste and smell are so interconnected, I love the flavor of something that resembles eucalyptus.

Who says eating plant-based foods is boring? Switching to a plant-based diet is a world of discovery!


Day 2 Dinner: Za’Atar Chickpea Salad

Za’Atar Chickpea Salad whole harvest

[Za’Atar Chickpea Salad]

Opening the compostable container for the Za’Atar Chickpea salad released a mild garlicky smell with other spices, but it was not overpowering. Chickpeas are my favorite legume, so I sampled one separately.

I love the taste of unseasoned chickpeas. Chef Richard seasons them just enough to enhance, but not cover up, the natural flavor. 

I also sampled a cucumber, which was lightly seasoned with parsley and mint. I could eat a bowl of these cucumbers by themselves. 

The flavor reminded me of the cucumbers that my grandma prepared for our dinners when I was a small child. These are good memories. 

The meal is basically a combination of veggies and legumes over a cold bed of quinoa (I love cold quinoa) with sweet cherry tomatoes in every bite. The greens worked into this entree nicely. 

This salad is sweet and tangy with a distinct Middle Eastern essence. 

Whole Harvest masterfully seasons the Za’Atar Chickpea Salad without covering up the natural flavors of Mother Earth’s hearty goodness. 

If you want to train your palate to embrace the flavor of healthy whole plant food, I recommend the Za’Atar Chickpea Salad. 


Day 2 Dessert: Cinnamon Blueberry Date Parfait

cinnamon blueberry date parfait whole harvest

[Cinnamon Blueberry Date Parfait]

The Cinnamon Blueberry Date Parfait provides an abundance of tangy blueberries and sweet sliced dates, along with a few crunchy pepitas, in an oatmeal base. 

There is never a need for processed sugar – Whole Harvest uses dates. (May I suggest that you sweeten almost everything with dates?) 

This tastes delicious cold, but heating it is always an option. And an abundance of pepitas gives this more substance and a lot of crunch. 

This is such a simple breakfast, snack, or dessert. There was no prep. Just open the package and dig into the sweet, healthy goodness! 

After eating half of it cold, I heated up the second half. There were so many pepitas that it gave it a nutty essence. Heating this meal reminded me of when I used to eat peanut butter in my daily morning oats.

At that time in my life, I needed to cut out a lot of fat and calories from my diet, and cutting out my morning peanut butter was a huge part of that. The pepitas gave me that desired and familiar nutty essence. 

Heating this meal also promotes the saturation of the blueberry “juice” into the oats, enhancing the overall flavor. Furthermore, the cinnamon flavor is enhanced when eaten warm. 

If heating, I would suggest 45 seconds for half of the meal and 90 seconds if heating the entire thing, stirring it halfway through. 

I desire cold food options overall, but the Cinnamon Blueberry Date Parfait tastes more like a dessert when eaten warm. It’s your choice!

Day 3 Dinner: Roasted Butternut and Bolognese Penne Pasta

Roasted Butternut and Bolognese Penne Pasta whole harvest

[Roasted Butternut and Bolognese Penne Pasta]

I heated this generous portion of Roasted Butternut and Bolognese Penne Pasta in a glass dish for 2 minutes, stirring it once. 

The pasta and a side of greens could easily feed two people, especially when eaten for dinner, which should be the lightest meal of the day.

The flavorful sauce was complete with finely ground carrots and mushrooms, giving it a bit of a meaty texture. The butternut squash was seasoned separately before adding it to the pasta. With the Italian-style seasoning of this meal and the thick pasta sauce, you won’t miss the meat.

Day 4 Breakfast: Mango Berry Smoothie

Mango Berry Smoothie whole harvest

[Mango Berry Smoothie]

The Mango Berry Smoothie may be my favorite Whole Harvest smoothie yet. 

It has a perfect balance of sweet sliced dates and tangy mangoes, along with other berries. Just add six ounces of your favorite plant milk and a handful of greens.

This is so quick and easy! I put the smoothie container in the freezer after I got my meal box so I could try blending the smoothie from frozen. That was the ticket! 


Day 4 Lunch: Guajillo Enchilada Bowl

Guajillo Enchilada Bowl whole harvest

[Guajillo Enchilada Bowl]

After heating the Guajillo Enchilada Bowl for two minutes, the Mexican scent of the spices filled my nose. 

The flavored quinoa, tomatoes, black beans, and sweet potatoes had a distinct southwest flavor without being too spicy.

Want a little more of a kick? I added a little bit of sriracha sauce, which you can purchase from the website. It was so great to come home from work to enjoy this hot meal on a cold day. 

This is my favorite Whole Harvest hot meal so far! This was the first time that I added cold greens to a hot meal. The greens made the meal complete. 


Day 4 Dinner: Rocky Mountain Green Chile

Rocky Mountain Green Chile whole harvest

[Rocky Mountain Green Chile]

I looked forward to the Rocky Mountain Green Chile for a wintertime dinner. I was not disappointed. 

The meal was not particularly impressive to look at, but the flavor was spot on. 

I poured the chile into a glass dish for the microwave. Upon opening the container, the aroma of the Mexican-style spices was enticing. 

I heated the chile for two minutes in a microwave-safe bowl, stirring once half-way. The Rocky Mountain Green Chile is colorful, with an abundance of red peppers and zucchini throughout. 

I found this soup to be appropriately spicy. Although there were green chiles in every bite, they were cut small enough so that I could still taste the beans, peppers, and zucchini. 

I love spicy stuff, but my body does not. This dish had just the right amount of kick without the consequences.

I personally prefer thicker soup. Honestly, I think the base would be considered the perfect thickness for most people. I love thicker chile, not the watery offering that you get at many restaurants. This was a thick, hearty, moderately-spicy chile for a snowy day. 

This base had a very authentic Mexican flavor, perhaps because of the native Mexican tomatillos. I had never heard of them before eating this. What a good find by Chef Richard! 

The Southwest Side Salad was the perfect complement, complete with black beans, corn, and juicy tomatoes. I added greens and sriracha, which I ordered from the website, which seemed more congruent with the Mexican theme. 

I have sampled the entire Whole Harvest Box menu to date. Chef Richard is continuing to create additional recipes. 


Final Thoughts

Now that I have tasted everything from the Whole Harvest kitchen, I am continuing my subscription to receive the Whole Harvest meal boxes. 

I am a busy, professional, plant-based enthusiast who is seeking quick, convenient, healthy, and delicious whole food plant meals. 

Although I was already a big fan of this company, Whole Harvest exceeded my already high expectations. Give them a try. 

At the very least, they will teach you how to transition into a new style of eating. At best, you may become a customer for life! 

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