[ { "type": "Breakfast", "title": "Mango Berry Smoothie", "description": "Soak up the goodness of this super berry smoothie! Combine with your favorite plant milk, a handful or two of...", "protein": "1.0", "calories": "130", "fat": "0.0", "ingredients": "MANGO, RASPBERRIES, BLUEBERRIES, BLACKBERRIES AND DATES", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A8915_1_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1643140008" }, { "type": "Snacks", "title": "Cinnamon Apple Granola", "description": "If tasty apple cinnamon goodness is what you crave, our healthy granola is sure to satisfy. Enjoy it dry as...", "protein": "4.0", "calories": "170", "fat": "2.5", "ingredients": "GLUTEN FREE ROLLED OATS, DATE PASTE, THOMPSON RAISINS, PEPITA SEEDS, CHIA SEEDS, POPPY SEEDS, FLAXSEED, CINNAMON, AND KOSHER SALT", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A8906_1_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1643140911" }, { "type": "Entrees", "title": "Forbidden Bali", "description": "Eating the rainbow is easy with this Asian-inspired bowl. The meal itself offers a powerhouse of nutrition with the addition of...", "protein": "17.0", "calories": "480", "fat": "5.0", "ingredients": "BLACK RICE, GARLIC, CHICKPEAS, GLUTEN FREE SOY SAUCE, SWEET POTATO, SESAME SEEDS, RED PEPPERS, GREEN BEANS, RED CABBAGE AND KOSHER SALT", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A8849_1_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1642709942" }, { "type": "Entrees", "title": "Roasted Butternut & Bolognese Penne", "description": "Flavorful and satiating, our gluten-free pasta dish will warm you up from the inside out. Add a side of dressed...", "protein": "8.0", "calories": "290", "fat": "1.5", "ingredients": "TOMATOES, ONION, GARLIC, MUSHROOMS, CELERY, CARROTS, BALSAMIC VINEGAR, GLUTEN FREE SOY SAUCE, GLUTEN FREE PASTA (BROWN RICE FLOUR AND WATER ), BUTTERNUT SQUASH, KOSHER SALT AND SPICES", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A8876_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1643140204" }, { "type": "Entrees", "title": "Za'atar Chickpea Salad", "description": "Refreshing, crunchy cucumbers and carrots are combined with sweet tomatoes. Seasonings from the Middle East top this dish off for...", "protein": "21.0", "calories": "480", "fat": "7.0", "ingredients": "QUINOA, GARLIC, CHICKPEAS, SESAME SEEDS, THYME, CORIANDER, CUMIN, CHERRY TOMATOES, CARROTS, CUCUMBERS, PARSLEY, MINT AND KOSHER SALT", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A8824_600x400_crop_center.png?v=1642705383" }, { "type": "Snacks", "title": "Toasted Coconut & Cardamom Harvest Bites", "description": "Feeling snackish? These bites are perfect for a post-workout pick me up or an after-meal bite of a little something sweet.   ", "protein": "2.0", "calories": "110", "fat": "2.0", "ingredients": "DATES, GLUTEN FREE ROLLED OATS, TOASTED COCONUT, CARDAMOM AND KOSHER SALT", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A8810_1_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1643140744" }, { "type": "Breakfast", "title": "Cinnamon Blueberry & Date Parfait", "description": "Delicious blueberries, cinnamon and dates are layered with ribbons of steel-cut oats. This superfood parfait is the surest way to...", "protein": "5.0", "calories": "200", "fat": "4.5", "ingredients": "BLUEBERRIES, STEEL CUT OATS, DATES, PEPITA SEEDS AND CINNAMON", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A8867_1_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1643139826" }, { "type": "Entrees", "title": "Rocky Mountain Green Chile with Southwest Salad", "description": "Be comforted by the familiar spices of a vegetable green chile. Hearty and flavorful, this delicious soup and salad combo...", "protein": "30.0", "calories": "600", "fat": "3.0", "ingredients": "ZUCCHINI, BLACK BEANS, ONION, GARLIC, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, GREEN PEPPERS, RED PEPPERS, POBLANO PEPPER, TOMATILLOS, CORNMEAL, KOSHER SALT AND SPICES. BLACK BEANS, ONION, GARLIC, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, CHERRY TOMATOES, YELLOW CORN, GREEN ONION, KOSHER SALT AND SPICES", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A8936_1_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1643140523" }, { "type": "Entrees", "title": "Guajillo Enchilada Bowl", "description": "Fix that hunger with delicious sweet potatoes & black beans. This nutritionally dense combination of flavors will leave you satisfied...", "protein": "16.0", "calories": "440", "fat": "3.0", "ingredients": "SWEET POTATO, GARLIC, KOSHER SALT, QUINOA, CHIVES, ONION, CHILE GUAJILLO, DATES, TOMATOES, GREEN ONIONS, YELLOW CORN, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, BLACK BEANS, RED CABBAGE AND SPICES", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A8886_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1643140402" } ]