[ { "type": "Entrees", "title": "Ratatouille over Spaghetti", "description": "A bounty from the garden is a delight to the soul. Chef's version of the classic French dish will leave...", "protein": "8.0", "calories": "240", "fat": "2.0", "ingredients": "TOMATOES, ONION, GARLIC, KOSHER SALT, EGGPLANT, RED PEPPERS, ZUCCHINI AND GLUTEN-FREE PASTA (BROWN RICE FLOUR)", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A0239_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1645638038" }, { "type": "Entrees", "title": "Roasted Corn Tortilla Soup with Southwest Salad", "description": "Fresh, flavorful & filling is how we describe the Latin-inspired soup and salad combo. Keep yourself on track by putting...", "protein": "24.0", "calories": "510", "fat": "2.5", "ingredients": "ZUCCHINI, GARLIC, SWEET CORN, GREEN ONIONS, BLACK BEANS, KOSHER SALT, GREEN PEPPERS, TOMATILLOS, ONION, CORNMEAL, LIME, POBLANO PEPPER AND KOSHER SALT BLACK BEANS, ONION, GARLIC, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, CHERRY TOMATOES, YELLOW CORN, GREEN ONION, KOSHER SALT AND SPICES", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A0263_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1645638524" }, { "type": "Entrees", "title": "Unfried Chickpea Rice", "description": "Asian inspired and protein packed, the crisp sweet red peppers are the star of this dish. Don't forget to add...", "protein": "15.0", "calories": "400", "fat": "4.0", "ingredients": "BROWN RICE, GARLIC, GREEN ONIONS, GINGER, CHICKPEAS, TAMARI SOY SAUCE, RED PEPPERS, BROCCOLI, CELERY AND KOSHER SALT", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A0228_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1645637703" }, { "type": "Entrees", "title": "Sweet Potato Poke Bowl", "description": "This super-powered entree is as gorgeous as it is functional. The deep colored vegetables are your first clue that this dish...", "protein": "17.0", "calories": "440", "fat": "6.0", "ingredients": "BLACK RICE, GRANULATED GARLIC, KOSHER SALT, PURPLE SWEET POTATO, GREEN BEANS, EDAMAME, RED CABBAGE AND SESAME SEEDS", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A0183_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1645637272" }, { "type": "Entrees", "title": "Blueberry Quinoa & Arugula", "description": "Superfood super star is how to describe this meal. Full of protein and antioxidants, this dish will leave you feeling accomplished...", "protein": "18.0", "calories": "440", "fat": "12.0", "ingredients": "QUINOA, GARLIC, KOSHER SALT, CHIVES, BLUEBERRIES, SWEET CORN, GREEN ONIONS, ZUCCHINI, ARUGULA AND PEPITA SEEDS", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A0177_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1645217395" }, { "type": "Breakfast", "title": "Cherry Cacao Parfait", "description": "Gorgeous layers of sweet cherries, cacao nibs and oatmeal. Fuel your day with not only nutrition, but deliciousness too.  ", "protein": "6.0", "calories": "250", "fat": "4.0", "ingredients": "DARK CHERRIES, CACAO POWDER, DATES AND STEEL CUT OATS", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A0191_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1645034417" }, { "type": "Breakfast", "title": "Blackberry Peach Smoothie", "description": "Blackberry and peach flavors mingle with greens for a nice punch of nutrition to start your day right. Blend with...", "protein": "2.0", "calories": "110", "fat": "0.0", "ingredients": "BLACKBERRIES, PEACHES AND DATES", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A0217_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1645215750" }, { "type": "Snacks", "title": "Cacao Chip Granola", "description": "Who doesn't like to snack on healthy granola? Enjoy the crunch of pepitas and cacao nibs and the whole-grain goodness...", "protein": "6.0", "calories": "260", "fat": "8.0", "ingredients": "GLUTEN FREE ROLLED OATS, DATES, MAPLE SYRUP, CACAO NIBS AND KOSHER SALT", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A0283_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1645639686" }, { "type": "Snacks", "title": "Apple Pie Harvest Bites", "description": "These apple pie energy bites are the perfect snack to take the edge off when hunger strikes. We like them for...", "protein": "2.0", "calories": "80", "fat": "0.5", "ingredients": "DATES, DRIED APPLES, GF ROLLED OATS, CINNAMON AND KOSHER SALT", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/968A0245_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1645639143" }, { "type": "Dressing", "title": "Harvest Vinaigrette Dressing", "description": "Add a dash of classic vinaigrette flavor to your Whole Harvest meals. Our dressings are guilt-free because they are OIL-FREE....", "protein": "0.0", "calories": "25", "fat": "0.0", "ingredients": "Water, Dates, Apple Cider Vinegar, Distilled Vinegar, Garlic, Yellow Mustard and Kosher Salt", "image_url": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0427/0138/9977/products/Frame13_2_600x400_crop_center.jpg?v=1654032107" } ]