Flexibility and Your Risk of Heart Disease

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Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. According to the CDC, 1 in 5 Americans die from heart disease.

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There are many risk factors associated with heart disease, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity. Also, as it turns out, your level of flexibility as you get older can be a risk for heart disease.

One way to reduce your risk of heart disease is by staying flexible. Daily stretching or practicing yoga, along with healthy heart diet can help improve your flexibility and lower your risk of developing heart disease

New research from the University of Milan in Italy showed that a 12-week stretching regimen improved blood flow, lowered blood pressure, and decreased the stiffness of arteries. Good blood flow leads to less damage on artery walls and may mean a lower risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Here's why and 3 ways to incorporate stretching into your daily routine

The participants of the study at the University of Milan practiced daily passive stretching for 12 weeks. After the 12-week period a significant difference in blood pressure function was noticed. Although the greatest health impacts happen with regular aerobic exercise, if that is not an option for you or you want to start off slowly, stretching is the way to go!

3 Ways To Stretch On The Daily

Practice Yoga - Yoga is a great way to get your body moving and improve your flexibility. Regular practice can help you keep your blood pressure low and help reduce stress levels.

Here's one of our favorite YouTube Yoga videos for beginners!


Passive Stretching

By using stretch bands or your own body weight to create a good stretch this method is the easiest way to get started and can be done anywhere!

Foam Roller

Research has shown that using a foam roller results in similar gains in short-term flexibility as traditional stretching. For example, using a foam roller on your thigh can increase circulation to the muscles and improve flexibility. Simply roll up and down on your thigh three to four times and then rock your leg side to side on the roller a few times.

Stretching Should Be In Addition To A Healthy Diet

It would be rather counterintuitive to join a yoga class, become flexible, then follow each class with a greasy cheeseburger.

Give your heart a chance by pairing daily stretching with more plants and less processed foods and animal products.

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