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Does Whole Harvest use organic ingredients?

Whole Harvest sources in-season ingredients that have a bounty of benefits from producer to plate! We are proud to be non-GMO and organic where possible. As you can imagine, it is difficult to source all of the ingredients in our meals as organic. We are mostly organic.

Where is Whole Harvest located?

The Whole Harvest culinary center is located in Denver, Colorado, where all of our amazing meals are shipped from.

Can I freeze Whole Harvest meals?

Absolutely! All of our meals are freezer-friendly, and can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months. For optimal flavor and texture, we recommend heating our meals from a thawed state. 

Are Whole Harvest meals healthy?

Yes! We believe in achieving wellness by delivering delicious food made with nutritious ingredients that nourish the body. Our plant-based and chef-created meals contain superfood ingredients that are crave-worthy and deliver a beautiful balance of flavor and function. Gluten-free, oil-free, low sodium, no added sugars. (EVER!)

Are Whole Harvest meals gluten-free?

Many of the meals are gluten-free. Please check the nutrition information on each meal for ingredient information, and look for the gluten-free logo on the meal image.

Why can't I just do this on my own?

We had someone try it, here are the results.

How are my meals packaged? Is Whole Harvest packaging recyclable?

We take great care in packaging your meals to ensure their freshness. Each meal is vacuum-sealed, a method known for its effectiveness in preserving flavors and quality. They are then placed in an insulated cardboard box, accompanied by non-toxic Enviro-Ice packs. These ice packs are not only safe for your drain but can also be diluted with water and used as plant food – a sustainable twist to keep our planet green!

Moreover, we're proud to share that our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging. Every component, from the box and packing materials to the meal containers, is fully recyclable. We're not just about delivering delicious meals; we're also dedicated to doing our part for the environment!