Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the convenience of delicious, fresh, chef-prepared meals delivered to your door.

What is Whole Harvest?

Whole Harvest is a plant-based ready-to-eat meal service that offers shipping to approximately 30 states. Whole Harvest’s mission is to make healthy eating easier for everyone with plant-based meals made from superfood ingredients that taste good and are good for you.

Is this a subscription service?

Yes! We believe in helping you achieve better health by providing a consistent weekly meal service that keeps you on track.

Does Whole Harvest Use Organic Ingredients?

Whole Harvest sources in-season ingredients that have a bounty of benefits from producer to plate! We are proud to be non-GMO and organic where possible. As you can imagine, it is difficult to source all of the ingredients in our meals as organic. We are mostly organic.

Do you Ship to my State?

We ship to approximately 30 states. Enter your Zip Code on the Get Started page to see if we ship to your area.

How Do I Place an Order?

You can eat better! Here's how:

1. Enter your Zip Code to see if we ship to your area.

2. Select the Empower Plan

3. Check out & Wait for Delivery!

4. Enjoy Ready-to-Eat meals that taste good & are good for you!

Where is Whole Harvest Located?

Previously Fresh Healthy Fast, the company became Whole Harvest in 2021. The kitchen is located in North Kansas City, Missouri.

How Do I Prepare Whole Harvest Meals?

Whole Harvest meals can be enjoyed cold or hot. The meals can be heated any way you choose, whether that's in a skillet on the stovetop or warmed in the oven. We do not recommend using the microwave, but we leave that up to you. Add greens directly to any entree or as a side.

Is Whole Harvest Healthy?

Yes! We believe in achieving wellness by delivering delicious food made with nutritious ingredients that nourish the body. Our plant-based and chef-created meals contain superfood ingredients that are crave-worthy and deliver a beautiful balance of flavor and function.

Is Whole Harvest Gluten-Free?

Yes! All meals are gluten-free, and the calorie counts range from 180-470 per meal.

Is Whole Harvest Vegan?

Yes! The meals do not contain any animal products, and the calorie counts range from 180-470 per meal.

Is Whole Harvest Keto-Friendly or Paleo?

No. We believe in eating plants, all plants. Our meals contain nutrient-dense vegetables and grains, which are not considered Keto or Paleo-friendly.

Is Whole Harvest Dairy-Free and/or Soy-Free?

All meals are dairy-free. A few of the meals contain soy. Please read the ingredient labels if you avoid soy in your diet.

Are Whole Harvest Meals Frozen?

No! All meals are freshly prepared using raw ingredients. They are delivered fresh and are never frozen.

How Long Do the Meals Last in the Fridge?

Freshly prepared from whole food ingredients, Whole Harvest meals stay fresh for up to 5 days in the refrigerator.

Is Whole Harvest Packaging Recyclable?

Our food packaging is compostable and/or recyclable.

The fiber bowls & lids and the shipping box liner are compostable. The shipping box and meal band labels are recyclable.

How Many Servings Are In Each Meal?

We count each 13-ounce entree as one serving, however, some customers share the meals. It's possible to get more than one serving out of each meal if you add a helping of greens or a side salad. We highly recommend adding fresh leafy greens to every Whole Harvest meal.

Why are Greens Included Each Week?

We believe that fresh, raw leafy greens are a very important part of a healthy diet. We add them to your order so you can add them to every Whole Harvest meal. Add them directly to the meal after heating or eat them as a side with dressing.

Why don't the Meals Contain Oil?

We believe most low-quality oils cause inflammation in the body and contribute to heart disease. Our no-oil food promotes heart health.

Why is the Sodium so Low?

Whole Harvest follows a low-sodium guideline, which promotes heart health.