Eating whole food plant-based on your own isn’t easy.

Whether you’re trying to take control of your health or want to reduce your impact on the environment, it doesn’t take long to realize that all of the shopping, prepping, and cooking needed to make your own WFPB meals is a heavy lift.

Having ready-to-eat meals delivered to your front door is a no-brainer, but finding a meal delivery service with a 100% authentic approach to WFPB recipes isn’t easy.

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Because as we’re all too aware, not everything labeled “plant-based” is created equally.

Person eating a falafel bowl

Many food delivery services say they’re whole food plant-based. Look closer, and you’ll see the addition of “unnecessary” oils full of empty calories, excessive sodium, processed ingredients, and other shortcuts.

Or worse, the food just isn’t that good. It puts you back to square one, struggling to keep up with shopping and food prep on your own.

We believe your choice to eat WFPB deserves total, uncompromising support and some unforgettable food to go with it.

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We know it’s hard to find meal delivery services who truly understand whole food plant-based cooking.

That’s why we created Whole Harvest as the gold standard for WFPB meal delivery. We do the shopping, chopping, and cooking for you, and deliver delicious, ready-to-eat meals to your front door.

We do the shopping, chopping, and cooking for you, and deliver ready-to-eat meals to your front door.

Our meals feature new, international flavor adventures and reimagined comfort foods to keep you inspired, and with our Whole Harvest Promise, everything is:

100% Whole Food, Plant-Based

Nothing is processed, manufactured, or stripped of what makes it great. These are pure, whole foods cooked from scratch.

Fresh Meal Options

We deliver fresh meals in vacuum-sealed containers that preserve flavor and last longer than other delivery services without the use of artificial preservatives.

Oil-Free Options

We don’t cut corners! We offer meals that are cooked without artery-damaging oils or other harmful stuff.

Our team is deeply committed to the values of the Whole Food Plant-Based community. We share your commitment to sustainability, so we work overtime to use eco-friendly packaging and support local, organic farms whenever possible. We also work with nutritionists and top scientific researchers to develop meals with maximum benefits to your health.

Whole Harvest is your partner in taking total control over what you eat and how you live your life. We’ve knocked every obstacle out of your way, making sure you always have easy access to delicious food that’s 100% as committed as you are to whole food plant-based cooking.

How it works

Every meal you replace with 100% Whole Food Plant-Based is a win.

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Build your own customized box of grain bowls, comfort foods, and snacks. We ship it to you fresh and ready to eat.

Eat Delicious Food

Whether you’re discovering new recipes or revisiting favorites, you'll fill lunch or dinner with rich, rewarding flavors.

Celebrate the Wins!

This is a journey. Every meal you replace with 100% plant-based food is a win and a big step towards a healthier, happier life.

Welcome to the No-Judgement Zone

As your journey begins, we want to welcome you to the No-Judgement Zone! Too many diet plans make it feel like you’re either all-in or a failure from day one. Did the siren call of BBQ ribs win the day last night? We get it. Today is a new day, and we’re going to work towards a healthier, happier life together.

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