Discover better health in just 21 days!

  • Been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?
  • Living with heart disease?
  • Simply trying to feel better with more energy?

We’ve got you covered with our 21-Day Plant Powered Reset!

Whole Harvest is the ultimate in whole food, plant-based meal delivery — and helping you get back to your best health! We take the stress out of changing the food on your plate.

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We’re not your ordinary meal delivery service.

Many meal delivery services say that they’re whole food, plant-based. If you look closely, you’ll notice they’ve snuck in some oils, processed ingredients, and a whole lot of sodium. How is that helping you improve your health? And beyond that, how can all those extras taste good?

  • 100% Whole Food Plant-Based

    Nothing processed or manufactured! Each meal is made from scratch and delivered to you!

  • 100% Fresh

    We use a unique vacuum-sealed packaging that hits the pause button on freshness.

  • 100% Oil-Free

    No shortcuts here! Our meals are cooked without artery-damaging oils or other harmful additives!

Too busy to cook?

Are you juggling a full work schedule and leading a busy lifestyle at home? Whole food plant-based eating can require a lot of prep — so many veggies to cut and so little time!

Not to worry, Whole Harvest to the rescue! We take all the hard work out of eating healthy, delivering only the freshest, best tasting whole food to your doorstep.

Food is personal – and so are your Whole Harvest meals.

This isn’t your ordinary program where we tell you what to eat and when. Throughout the 21-Day Plant Powered Reset, you’re in the driver’s seat — choose the meals that you want to enjoy! Lasagna twice in one week? Beet bowl for breakfast? We won’t judge, especially when Whole Harvest makes it this easy to choose healthy!

Why oil-free?

Whether we realize it or not, most of the foods we eat have a substantial amount of oil. These empty fillers add calories, have no nutritional benefit, and may even cause substantial health issues. Cooking without oil unleashes the natural flavors of food and offers incredible health benefits.

Take control of your health — on your terms.

Choose the foods that you want to enjoy and get on the path to better health — and conquering those chronic issues you’ve been battling for years! 21 days just enough time to start: 

  • Losing weight
  • Improving blood sugar (insulin) regulation
  • Experiencing better digestion
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Developing new, healthy habits
  • Raising energy levels and boosting longevity
  • Allowing better absorption of nutrients from food – to fuel our bodies the right way!

With results like these, you’ll want to keep enjoying Whole Harvest, even after the 21-Day Plant Powered Reset has ended!

  • Whole Harvest creates the craveable entrees you love — and some new ones you’ve just got to try! Find a new way to experience the soothing comfort foods you’ve always loved and expand your tastebuds to enjoy rich, international flavors!

    Take the First Step Toward a Healthier, Happier You 

How does the 21-Day Plant Powered Reset work?

Review your health with a doctor.

Get preliminary labs drawn — to establish a baseline of where your health is at.

Enjoy 21 days of delicious, fresh-cooked whole food plant-based meals with no additives.

Receive daily inspiration delivered straight to your inbox — with yummy tips to personalize your meals, motivation to keep going and simple recipes that you can try at home.

Check up on your health, with additional labwork to see how you’ve benefitted.

Talk about your progress with your health practitioner and plan how to keep going!

We get it — change can be hard.

And alongside some unforgettable food, Whole Harvest delivers uncompromising support.

Each day, you’ll find motivation right in your inbox. You’ll also receive tips from our chefs on how to make the amazing whole food plant-based meals even more delicious than when they arrived on your doorstep! (We didn’t think it was possible!) As if that weren’t enough, we’ll share some amazing (and simple, we promise) recipes that you can try, right in your own kitchen. The Whole Harvest team will be with you, every step of the way.

21 days is the perfect length of time for you to kick those cravings for the Standard American Diet to the curb.

We’ve grown accustomed to unhealthy, hyper-processed, foods filled with fat, sodium and sugar. So much so, that we’ve become desensitized to them. But every 10 days, tastebuds change and we can develop new flavor preferences.

It’s never too late to hit the reset switch for your health — and Whole Harvest can help!

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  • "This has been so very meaningful to me. Food is love to me. It feels like someone really cares when these delicious and healthy foods arrive at my door step."

    customer review of plant-based meal delivery

    Mary Pat

  • “Since going to [plant-based] meals in January, I have lost 33 pounds after a lifetime of struggles, I am so glad that [Whole Harvest] meals are available to stay compliant when tired of my own cooking, want to try something new, or short on time for healthy meal prep.”

    customer review of plant-based meal delivery


  • “I was very healthy throughout my life, mainly eating a plant-based diet. A couple years ago, I decided to go vegan for health reasons. I saw that Whole Harvest opened again after the pandemic and I was so excited to try it out. The sign said, ‘Whole Food Plant-Based’ and that's exactly how I like to eat.”

    customer review of plant-based meal delivery


  • “I love the meals prepared for us simply because they are so savory. My wife and I have sampled a good number of meals and recipes and we have not found the amazing taste and the fabulous textures anywhere else. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!”

    customer review of plant-based meal delivery


  • “I hope you’re around forever. It feels good to have such the convenience of healthy food.”

    customer review of plant-based meal delivery


  • 21 Meals

    Delivered each week for 3 weeks

    Experience our 21-meal plan, covering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Effortlessly dive into your health journey, knowing that every meal is taken care of, leaving you free to focus on your goals.

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  • 14 Meals

    Delivered each week for 3 weeks

    Elevate your nutrition with our 14-meal plan designed to fuel your day. Covering both lunch and dinner, it's the ideal solution for tackling the trickiest meals during your hectic schedule.

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