5 Easy Ways to Add Greens to Your Diet

BoostING your leafy green game IS easier than you think

1. Whiz up a green smoothie

 A 2-to-1 ratio of fruits to greens is possibly the most delicious way to get all that green leafy goodness into your body.

2. Swap the fries for something green

When eating out, occasionally swap the fries for steamed green veggies or a delicious ceasar salad.

3. Rethink what a salad is (it's awesome)

Forget bird food and think taco! Yes to black beans, avocado, grilled corn, and taco-seasoned chickpea-walnut crumble with a southwestern style dressing... you feeling me?

4. Blend up a quick pesto for your favorite pizza/pasta

So easy to make and really gets your taste buds dancing while getting those super nutrients in you.

5. Choose a plant-based meal delivery service

Meal delivery services are awesome! They save you time (and money), provide delicious nutritious meals, give you a break from cooking (if you cook), and you're supporting local business!

Whole Harvest Plant-Based Meal Delivery Service

You know you need to eat those greens but now you don't have to dread it... you can love it!

We started Whole Harvest to provide a simple way to eat healthy plant-based meals.

We get that sourcing, preparing, and enjoying healthy meals can be a challenge.

Our chefs create Whole Harvest meals using fresh, superfood ingredients. The result? Plant-based, gluten-free, crave-worthy meals that are good for you and good for the planet.

You can take charge of your health and Whole Harvest is here to help you do just that!

Amazing-tasting health is as easy as...

Easy Meals

Health doesn't have to be complicated, expensive, and tasteless. Whole Harvest fits perfectly into even the busiest life with flavors from around the world!

Delicious, fresh,  plant-based meals delivered to your door

Three of our current faves...

Always fresh, never frozen, our meals offer a convenient solution for healthy eating.

Learn how we build one of our newest creations - The Harvest Bowl! This colorful, delicious, and nutrient packed bowl is perfect for lunch or as a dish to bring to your next family gathering.

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