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ur fans often tell us that Whole Harvest meals are much more delicious and complex in flavor than expected from a prepared food delivery service—let alone a plant-based one. The recipes are diverse and represent global cultures, featuring whole, superfood ingredients that are locally sourced and never frozen.

One of the main reasons Whole Harvest meals are so incredible is KC's own Chef Richard, who knows how to unlock the power of plants in the tastiest ways. You'll have more energy, feel great & look amazing by eating just one of Chef Richard’s Whole Harvest meals per day. Who doesn’t want to feel and look their best?

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Whole Harvest Chef Richard Wilks

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  • The Benefits of Eating More Plant-Based Food
  • Wake up with more energy and drive
  • Think sharper and improve your focus focus
  • Recover from workouts and strenuous activity faster
  • ​​Replace one meal a day to start feeling the benefits

What exactly do we mean by a Plant-BASED diet?
It's not veganism, just a healthier, great-tasting way to eat.

Kansas City is known around the globe for its food, and that's a serious source of pride for many of us. Our origins as a cow town brought the world KC Strip steaks, and the city's deep history as a barbecue mecca runs so deep we host the "World Series of Barbecue" each year via the American Royal.

These foods define our culture and our community, and some Kansas Citians would never dream of giving them up. But to live a longer, happier life, we need to balance a meat-heavy diet with fresh, healthy food. Our bodies—especially our hearts—need plant-based,nutrient-rich, whole foods to fortify the immune system, help us recover from strenuous activity, provide unparalleled energy, and keep weight in check.

That's why Whole Harvest is here to help people feel their best by creating meals that support a plant-BASED diet.  

People experience the most benefits by eating plant-based meals every day, while still enjoying other favorites here and there. Ideally, we suggest starting with one meal per day to begin feeling healthier and more energetic. Often, people feel so good that they want to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet.

We know change can be hard, but also that everyone wants to feel their best and live a long and healthy life. A plant-BASED diet will put you on the right track.

Half off the cost of one week/ seven meals is a great way to see if this is for you. If it's not, then we still hope the best for you, and perhaps Whole Harvest will inspire you to embrace a healthy lifestyle some other way.

We just want our fellow Kansas Citians to feel and look better than ever!!

Supercharge Your Energy with Plant-Based Meals

Boost your vegetable intake, energy, and even workout recovery with 100 percent plant-based meals. We want to help fuel your workouts, fitness goals, and long days at work with healthy, plant-based meals delivered directly to your doorstep!

A recent review published by Nutrients (a peer-reviewed journal for human nutrition), proves the performance and cardiovascular benefits of adopting a plant-based diet:

“My goal is to provide the ability for someone to cook one plant-based meal a week. Start small and build from there. People soon realize how good eating plant based makes them feel—it truly is amazing!”

—Whole Harvest Chef Richard Wilks

Plaque, blood pressure and cholesterol: In one study, 44 percent of endurance cyclists and runners had coronary plaques. It was shown that adopting a plant-based diet keeps athletes’ hearts strong by reversing plaque, bringing down blood pressure and cholesterol, and reducing weight.

Inflammation: Studies show that a plant-based diet may have an anti-inflammatory effect. Meanwhile, a western diet high in processed carbs & meats elicits an inflammatory response.

Blood vessels: Plant-based diets improve arterial flexibility and diameter, leading to better blood flow.

Antioxidants and muscle fatigue: Plant-based diets are a rich source of antioxidants. Compared with meat-eaters, people eating a plant-based diet get more antioxidants, which help neutralize the free radicals that cause muscle fatigue, reduced athletic performance, and impaired recovery.

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