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Continuing your 100% whole food plant-based meal delivery service will help you stay focused on what you’ve learned in the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program.

Keep My Meals Coming

Delicious Ready-to-Eat Meals for Reversal

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Front Door

Designed for the Ornish Lifestyle MedicineTM program

You’ve got enough on your plate already.

By now, you’re starting to feel the results of the Ornish Lifestyle MedicineTM program, and you don’t want them to stop. You want to see what’s possible by the end of this program and beyond!

First of all, we want to congratulate you for making a brave choice to make big changes in your life. We know it’s not easy. You’ve got a lot going on! You’re learning to handle stress, exercise more, build a community of support, and change the way you eat.

With everything going on, learning to shop, prep, and cook 100% whole food plant-based meals on your own just sounds overwhelming.

Keep My Meals Coming

You deserve to see this journey through without compromise.

We get where you’re at. Whole Harvest's co-founder was also trying to reverse heart disease and saw first-hand how challenging the nutrition part of this journey can be. We created this service to make it easier and more joyful to eat whole food plant-based meals and take control of your health.

Led by

Our menus are developed with the help of certified nutritionists, and we offer physician-designed diets for specific medical needs.

Committed to Sustainability

We work overtime to make sure our packaging and production processes are as eco-friendly as possible.

Supporting Local Farms

We support small farms and source in-season, local ingredients whenever possible. Farm-to-table is our constant quest.

How it Works

  1. Whole Harvest’s custom meal boxes let you create a custom order of 8-21 entrees. Make a one-time order or start a weekly subscription.
  2. Our chefs prepare your ready-to-eat meals. Simply heat and eat!
  3. They’re shipped fresh to your front door in eco-friendly packaging.

Celebrate the wins

  • Here’s the thing. Every meal you replace with 100% plant-based food is a win.
  • So, celebrate every meal you eat. It’s a choice you’ve made for a happier, healthier life.

Ready-to-Eat Meals

We’ve done the shopping, chopping, and cooking for you, and everything is shipped to your front door.

Goodbye Menu Fatigue

Our menu features a wide variety of exciting, international flavors and reimagined comfort foods to keep you inspired.

Happier, Healthier Days

Prevent or even reverse medical issues. Find more energy and time to enjoy with family and friends.

Freedom and Control

Control your impact on the environment and eat true, whole food without processed shortcuts or compromises.

Approved by registered dietitians, doctors, and everyday people
  • "Whole Harvest was an important bridge for me to get my life back in order after a cardiac event. The recovery program with Dr. Ornish was intense, and I already live a busy life. Overall, this calmed me down and set me free from having to think about the food. I was surprised by the variety of the meals, and they gave me fun ideas for the future.
    Whole Harvest really follows the recommendation of leading physicians in this field, and for anyone addressing a cardiac condition, I say give it a try! Give yourself a chance to breathe during recovery. "

    customer review of plant-based meal delivery

    Mary Pat Martin

  • “I found out I had an 85% blockage in my artery and was at risk for a cardiac event. I run three businesses, and I don’t have time to cook. I love that I don’t have to worry about it or think about it, and the meals are great.
    Better yet, I have a group of friends who get together for dinner on Sundays, and since I can bring the Whole Harvest meals with me, I don’t have to miss it! It would have been so hard for me to stay on the right diet without the convenience of this service.”

    customer review of plant-based meal delivery

    Jim Chalfant

  • “As a Registered Dietician, I’ve always been so careful about what I eat, but a genetic cardiac disorder meant I would need to take things to a new level.
    Everything is done right. The food is fresh, and well-prepared. Most importantly, I feel wonderful when I eat this way. I just feel healthier. In fact, I wish more hospitals would serve patients with this quality of food. I’m a big fan of Whole Harvest! ”

    customer review of plant-based meal delivery

    Marypat Hughes
    Nutritional Consultant,

  • “Since going to [plant-based] meals in January, I have lost 33 pounds after a lifetime of struggles, I am so glad that [Whole Harvest] meals are available to stay compliant when tired of my own cooking, want to try something new, or short on time for healthy meal prep.”

    customer review of plant-based meal delivery


  • “I was very healthy throughout my life, mainly eating a plant-based diet. A couple years ago, I decided to go vegan for health reasons. I saw that Whole Harvest opened again after the pandemic and I was so excited to try it out. The sign said, ‘Whole Food Plant-Based’ and that's exactly how I like to eat.”

    customer review of plant-based meal delivery


  • “I hope you’re around forever. It feels good to have such the convenience of healthy food.”

    customer review of plant-based meal delivery


  • "As a physician, I think this is a very helpful way to eat. I was working to reverse the effects of coronary artery disease and to help control the effects of diabetes. While I was on the Whole Harvest program...

    I had tried other meal delivery services and didn’t enjoy them. I liked Whole Harvest much better. The meals were quite tasty and appetizing, and I loved being able to just pull it from the fridge and eat. Overall, I was surprised that the whole experience was so easy! 

    customer review of plant-based meal delivery

    Skip Rosenbloom MD, MPH

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