Elevate Your Patient's Health with the 21-Day Plant-Powered Reset!

Whole Harvest’s 21-Day Plant-Powered Reset is designed to make whole food, plant-based nutrition easy and accessible for your patients.

This program offers a unique culinary experience with 21 days of freshly prepared, chef-crafted entrées delivered directly to your patient's doorstep. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 21-Day Plant-Powered Reset work?

You can seamlessly incorporate the 21-Day Plant-Powered Reset into your existing processes or services:

  1. Conduct an initial call with your patient to discuss their health
  2. Run initial labs to establish a baseline.
  3. Prescribe 21-days of chef-prepared, whole food plant-based meals, delivered directly to their doorstep.
  4. Obtain additional labs to confirm their health progress.

How do practitioners benefit?

  • Offer your patients a complete solution for optimizing nutrition and health! No matter what stage your practice is in guiding patients towards a more plant-based way of eating, Whole Harvest’s 21-day Plant-Powered Reset is the answer. Incorporate the whole program into your practice, or simply take advantage of the meal delivery component.
  • Grow your patient base! Word of mouth travels fast. Once patients start seeing the positive health benefits of the Whole Harvest 21-Day Plant Powered Reset, they’ll be excited to tell their family and friends.
  • Increased compliance with your recommendations. Patients are more likely to try a lifestyle change if it’s convenient. With the Whole Harvest 21-Day Plant Powered Reset, everything they need is delivered right to their doorstep. There are no trips to the grocery store and no prep work is required, giving them the chance to focus on simply enjoying the delicious taste of whole, healthy foods.

Measurable results lead to lasting change. Over the course of the program, patients will notice a change in the way they feel. Their taste buds will change, they’ll find themselves losing weight and feeling better. Once documented through lab work, it’s hard to argue with proven results.