How Whole Harvest Improves Your Healthspan

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There is a significant difference between lifespan and healthspan. Whereas lifespan refers to the number of years lived, healthspan refers to the number of years spent in good health, free from disease. Healthspan has more to do with the quality of life—specifically in terms of health—over the quantity of years lived. Most people desire to extend and expand their healthspan in order to maximize their years lived.

The great news is that no matter your current age, you can take control of your health and contribute to your healthspan. Small lifestyle modifications, like incorporating a healthy diet, can greatly influence the quality and quantity of your life. Optimal nutrition is essential for extending healthspan. Diet has a direct impact on health, including the risk for disease and day-to-day wellness. 

Whole Harvest provides complete, whole nutrition to help you increase your healthspan.


Extend Your Healthspan With a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

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At Whole Harvest, our chefs and registered dietitians have created a weekly meal plan for you with hearty, delicious, plant-based meals made from organic ingredients. Each meal is packed with superfood ingredients-–rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins—to optimize your health. Not only that, but all meals are free from oil, added sugar, and excess sodium, ingredients that often lead to chronic health issues, inflammation, or higher risk of disease.

Take control of your health today by changing what you put on your plate. Incorporating a whole-food plant-based diet ensures you get the nutrients needed for optimal health and vibrant years ahead!



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Looking to optimize your workout with ready-made-meals? Check out Whole Harvest's meal plan -- fresh, plant-based, ready-to-eat meals delivered to your door! 

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