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You may be hearing a lot lately about the health benefits of adopting a plant-based eating pattern. While Western society historically considers this a fringe ideology, the plant-based lifestyle for human and planetary health is increasingly becoming more mainstream.

But you may be asking yourself, “If I don’t eat meat, dairy, and eggs, what in the world will I eat?”

The key word in that question is “world.” If you think about it, most of us eat primarily the same 12-15 meals already. If you switch to a plant-based lifestyle, you have opened yourself up to a whole world of culinary possibilities.

Literally, the whole world!!!

And if you subscribe to Whole Harvest, you will eat entrees from different cultures around the globe. Whole Harvest taps into the flavor profiles from those countries who already eat predominantly plant-based.



bolognese penne whole harvest

Whole Harvest’s Italian entrees rival the finest restaurants. These meals, and the accompanying bowls and salads, can be enhanced by the Harvest Italian dressing and the Harvest Vinaigrette. Chef Richard keeps things interesting using both traditional spaghetti and penne dishes with marinara and Bolognese sauces, and polenta and eggplant. He even prepares a Ratatouille over spaghetti. With a seemingly Italian theme, Ratatouille originated in Provence, France, which is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.



za'atar chickpea whole harvest

Speaking of Mediterranean, Whole Harvest provides a few entrees from this culture as well. Considered one of the healthiest diets, the Mediterranean Diet emphasizes whole plant foods. Chef Richard delights the palate with his Mediterranean Butter Bean Wild Rice, Mediterranean Salad, and Za’atar Chickpea Salad.



green chile whole harvest

For a southwestern flavor, Mexican-themed dishes include grain bowls, chiles, soups, and salads. These offerings include everything from seasoned black beans, roasted red peppers, sweet corn, garlic sweet potatoes, spiced zucchini, guajillos peppers, poblano peppers, brown rice, and quinoa. Try these entrees with the Harvest Sweet Sriracha sauce and you’ll be glad you did.



forbidden bali whole harvest

Perhaps the most flavorful entrees are the many Asian-themed offerings. Including a variety of both hot and cold bowls, most of Chef Richard’s Asian entrees have some combination of tofu, vegetables, sesame, pineapple, garlic and ginger. The Forbidden Bali includes a delicious combination of sesame sweet potatoes, green beans, and marinated chickpeas on a bed of forbidden black rice, a native grain of ancient China. These meals are best when topped with Harvest Sweet Garlic Soy dressing, a low-sodium version of traditional soy dressing that does not overpower the natural flavor of your meal. The Asian-inspired meals work well with the Harvest Sesame Ginger dressing as well.


Central America, Middle East & More!

caribbean sweet potato wild rice whole harvest

And if that’s not enough, Chef Richard takes you to the Middle East for some Curried Lentil Stew, to Central America for some Caribbean Sweet Potato Wild Rice, and back to the Homeland for some Cajun Red Beans ‘n’ Rice.

Subscribing to Whole Harvest is a cultural culinary experience!


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